Training Methods

Training overview

We believe that "Iron sharpens Iron"! Therefore, we are always challenging our athletes to get better, play faster, move quicker. We do this by utilizing the Core Practice Method inspired by the work of Florida State University psychologist Dr. Anders Ericsson and Daniel Coyle (The Talent Code) who found that skill is learned, and that high performance is possible regardless of perceived natural talent. Specifically, we believe that the more time and energy you put into the right type of practice, the more skill you develop.

Core methods

For Endless Momentum, “core” is the part of a practice that produces the most skill and improvement. We've seen that our young athletes learn best when they are taken out of their comfort zone and by trying and struggling, not by gliding. Core Practice is finding that sweet spot between struggle and mastery that optimizes the development of talent and skill.

Our Core Practice Method of coaching is designed to fuel the tanks of our athletes with confidence and motivation. We use effort-based language and short, vivid cues to make learning the game of volleyball fun and rewarding.

· Fill fuel tanks with love and motivation – we coach people
· Give constant feedback – feedback is a gift
· Teach proper technique every time, all the time
· Athletes should play on the edge of their ability
· Set high standards and expect progress
· Welcome mistakes/Permission to fail
· Teach athletes to look within (self-correct)
· Create fast-paced, high-energy practices
· Ignite passion, commitment, drive
· Utilize positive coaching techniques
· Use effort-based language and short, vivid, high-definition cue
· Affection without weakness – meet the player where they are

"(Coaching) exists in the space between two people, in the warm, messy game of language, gesture, and expression."

- Daniel Coyle The Talent Code